Mary Rogers

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Associate Professor

Dr. Mary Rogers is an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota. Mary earned her B.S. in Environmental Horticulture and M.S. in Entomology from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in Plants, Soils and Insects with a specialization in integrated pest management from the University of Tennessee. Her research program investigates plant‐insect interactions and biological and environmental strategies to improve the production of vegetables and fruit in the upper Midwest. Mary’s research interests are organic production, controlled environment agriculture, urban agriculture, and integrated pest management. Dr. Rogers teaches courses in urban agriculture, ecology, vegetable production, and a professional experience internship course and serves as major coordinator for the interdisciplinary Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems major at the UMN.  A community-engaged scholar, Mary actively collaborates with growers and community partners throughout her research and teaching programs to catalyze food systems change.

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portrait of Dr. Mary Rogers, Associate Professor of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota