Jianming Yu

Event Year
2014 Emerging Leader

Jianming Yu is associate professor and Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding in the Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. Dr. Jianming Yu obtained his M.S. from Kansas State University in 2000, and Ph.D. from University of Minnesota in 2003. The focus of Yu’s program is to combine maize breeding with cutting-edge genomic technologies to address significant questions in quantitative genetics. Dr. Yu’s research integrates knowledge in quantitative genetics, plant breeding, genomics, molecular genetics, and statistics, and has the ultimate goal to develop and implement new strategies and methods in trait dissection and crop improvement. He is the lead organizer of a workshop, Genomic Selection and Genome-Wide Association Studies (GS+GWAS), at the annual Plant and Animal Genomes Conference, San Diego, California. Recent research in his program includes systematic dissection of heterosis, genotype-by-environment interaction and epistasis, genome-wide prediction and validation, genome-wide landscape of genetic polymorphisms underlying quantitative trait variation, and parallel domestication in cereals. He is a member of Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding at Iowa State University.


portrait of Jianming Yu